About Us

What is innovation if not evolution? The 21st century is probably the only century which has seen both evolution and innovation at such a pace in leaps and bounds. And the current prospects of future innovation are even more exciting.

Excitement for the devices and the technology that already exists and that might come into existence very soon is what excites us and to share our excitement with all our average users we founded the platform AtipicaInc.  

We soon realised that a lot of our readers are also curious about the technology and the devices but the jargon around these becomes the barrier which stops them from fully understanding the changes happening around them.

To help the community overcome this challenge we started curating content that was accessible to each and every offer user no matter what their pre-existing knowledge about technology may be. And this soon became the whole and sole focus of our platform. 

Today we are proud to introduce ourselves as the leading consumer centric content platform that exists anywhere globally. We have been working towards making technology more accessible to our community and also towards simplifying the functioning of our smart devices.

The community we cater to is not a geographically limited community but we consider the whole wide world as a community. It has been an honour for us to win the trust of multiple users from multiple countries. This has also led to us winning many international awards and recognitions from various different forms and magazines. 

Main Office:

800 N High Street,
OH 43215