Our Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, we have got a well-seasoned team at AtipicaInc. We work hard every day to deliver the best articles. Here is more information about the team.

Stella Heart – Founder

If you can’t dream big you can’t achieve. This has been the motto of our founder Stella Heart. She began her journey from a very small garage of her friend where she had a team of only three people.

Those three people later turned out to be very crucial and today play various roles in the company in different capacities. 

Stella has also very strongly advocated for the rights and importance of the end consumer. This company became her major platform through which she aimed to empower the consumers. She has many plans in store for enlargement of the prospects of this platform. 

Connor WoodWriter 

Connor Wood is one of the three people with whom Stella started her company in a garage. He has since then handled the content writing department which has been his specialisation from the university days.

He has leveraged his university contacts to get some of the best talents to work for this platform. He feels that content writing is a very important field with huge responsibility where one just cannot afford to publish randomly. Anything and everything that is published needs to go through a lot of scrutiny and quality check which he makes sure happens at his platform. 

His focus has been on creating diverse content since he realises that one size does not fit all. He believes the readers of his platform come from various backgrounds and various countries which means they need to be given content that will be accessible and useful to them.

This is why his team has invested hugely in hiring multilingual writers who write content across languages and also help translate content written in other languages.