Webb telescope, the instruments are turned on and the tests begin

A few hours after arriving in its final orbit, the James Webb telescope is in excellent condition to enter the phase that will prepare it to scrutinize the child universe. A few more checks and then everything will be ready to begin the calibration phase of the instruments, whose expected duration is about two months.

In the meantime, there are numerous research groups around the world who are preparing to use this ten billion dollar telescope with unique performances: “they have won this possible after a very tough competition and ten of them are Italians”, he told all. ANSA the president of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), Marco Tavani.

“The news on the first checks are positive”, said the president of INAF, and the deployment of the protective sail that protects the telescope from solar radiation has been completed, allowing the temperature at which the instruments work to be kept very low. Also “the hexagonal petals that make up the mirrors are now perfectly arranged. The last checks are in progress and the instruments are starting to be switched on to begin the test and calibration phase”.


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